Dr. Patty Cunningham II

in memoriam

Dr. Patty Cunningham II was a three-time graduate of The Ohio State University, having received her undergraduate degree in Women's Studies (with a minor in Black Studies); a master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs; and, a doctoral degree in Cultural Foundations.

She was a Bell Fellow with the Bell Resource Center in the 2009-2010 cohort and designed and taught eight different leadership courses Ohio State as well as interdisciplinary classes on the subjects of poverty, race, gender, civic engagement and leadership. She taught as an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University in the Anthropology and Sociology Department. Dr. Cunningham was also the co-principal investigator on the Appalachian Project Ohio.

As a member of the Columbus community, she was a part of the Speakers Bureau that focuses on Human Trafficking for the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition (CORCC).  Dr. Cunningham was an advisor to the Modern Abolitionist group at Ohio State and sat on the Legislative Committee for CORCC. She was a ROX facilitator for three years. She ran the ROX program at the Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls on Bryden Road and was a member of the League of Women Voters.